Sunday, September 9, 2007

First of all.... watching The Hills.. did anyone else hear Gang Starrs Mass Appeal when they were at the pool?

Ok... lets start with the preshow... what happened with Panic! At The Disco? They remind me of The Killers with their "cowboy" look. That's ok, we'll forgive you.

Britney Spears. Over it. Next!
Chris Brown. Loved the performance, hated that he was lip syncing.
And that's about all I have to say about the VMAs.

So apparently there are rumors of Ozzy coming to Stockton amongst other "big name rock acts" coming through. I personally think this is a good thing for the stockton area because honestly, who the heck wants to travel to SF all the time to see great shows in our area? If you agree with me, do your part and buy tickets to the concerts that are coming through.

I am enjoying my day off from B&N by reading and shopping and let me tell you, I haven't found a single good cd. Looking forward to tomorrows new releases!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

In the209 aka Stockton, there is a new site :
209 Vibe . C o m
Go check it out!
You can find out all about local artists, promoters, photographers, everything you wanted to know about our "scene" it's all there ready and waiting for you to pour through!
I found out from a reader that I am #5 on the top "artists" which is crazy! Thanks to everyone who has gone to view my page on there!

Ok, so on to other things! Who has noticed that Hot Hot Heat put their soon to be released album "Happiness Ltd." up on myspace for all to hear?
I am impressed, and I will say, I did love Make Up the Breakdown, however I wasn't too keen on Elevator, but it did grow on me. I am quite happy to hear the sound they have on this album, bringing songs like "5 Times out of 100" back into the play of things was a good choice. That was one of my alternate favorites from listening to "Bandages" during 2003.

To take a listen to their new album before you can buy it head on over here:
Hot Hot Heat Myspace!

And be sure to catch them in San Francisco at Pop Scene @ 330 Rich St. On Sept. 13th!

The VMAS are tomorrow so be sure to come back on Monday and read about all the fun.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

yesterday was a day full of...

you guessed it, The Fold. it started somewhere around 4 pm at Barnes & Noble with a signing/photo/acoustic set little thing that the cool people over in the music department had put together. i had to admit going over there i had some doubts as to if there would be a reasonable turn out or not but i guess stockton never ceases to surprise me and sure enough there were kids lined up to meet and greet the band. i was really happy for them as they are some pretty cool dudes that i recommend checking out if you havent yet.

They met and took pictures with fans, one of which happend to be an older fellow that i totally give props to for being there, it was really cute. so after all the signing was finished they got on with the acoustic set playing a total of 3 songs amazingly might i add. the singer really has a good voice and during the performance i had to keep kind of reminding myself that i wasnt listening to a cd and that the dude was actually right in front of me.

The performance finished and the whole production came to a close everyone said their last goodbyes and hope to see you at the shows tonight, so we ended up leaving not too long after that and a little later headed over to the Empire Theatre to catch the bands show along with Brandon Tyler and Mini Pop. so we get over to the Empire and what do we find as soon as we walk in the door? sure enough there is Dan the singer of The Fold just hangin out with fans and chatting it up, their guitarist later joined in and i was happy to see how nice of people they really are. we got our smiley stamps and the cool lady at the ticket window was back (shes my favorite along with the singing door dude and the guy thats so un enthusiastic in the cafe) and we went inside to find the employees cracking jokes and harrassing Brandon Tyler but only in fun.

That kids got some jokes of his own though as we always seem to get an earfull of whenever we see him perform. after waiting around for another hour or so things got started and Brandon Tyler was up first. like i said this kids got jokes and he definately had me laughing. i guess you could say that musically his style is very John Mayer which i really dont happen to be too into but you know hes pretty good at what he does and if you like John Mayer im pretty sure youll like this kid. then there was an intermission and we got ready to watch Mini Pop. now this was my second time seeing this band as i saw them when they came to the Empire last time with The Click Five and let me tell you they have really improved on their live performance because last night they really rocked. their style is well...i dont even know how to describe it but lets just say i havent heard a lot of stuff out these days that sounds like them (and maybe thats because i dont work in a music department in some store...wink wink) but like i said last night they really stepped it up and i was impressed.

And now for the moment we all had been waiting for, The Fold. this was also my second time seeing The Fold as i had seen them a couple months ago with Sherwood and Sound the Alarm. but in all honestly i had kind of over looked The Fold last time i saw them and didnt really take the time to get too into them. this time however i was all ears and i must say this is definately a band i recommend getting into. not only do they have a great sound theyre also some of the nicest dudes on the planet. i found myself actually dancing around during their set and really getting into it and trust me if im not feelin it ill just stand there. they finished their set and then went to sign stuff and meet the fans and well i guess you could say that it was an interesting sight because the majority of the people they were meeting and signing for were the same kids from earlier that day at B&N. sometimes i guess i just dont get it. we stuck around for a little while but ended up leaving before they had finished with their fans. i really was happy for them that people came and were into it because they deserve it cause theyre awesome. in all it was a good day with The Fold and i hope they get to come back some time as i wouldnt mind seeing them again.

so if you havent...go check them out at
or if your looking to buy their cd you can head over to Barnes & Noble and talk to Miss Iris in the music department.

Lastnights show at the Empire theatre featuring Minipop, Brandon Tyler and Tooth and Nail Recording artists, The Fold, was nothing short of fun.

Local to Stockton, Brandon Tylers fans were in full force last night singing a long to the singer who won over the crowd with his John Mayer-like vocals and guitar playing style.< He cracked jokes all night, even joking with the empire staff during sound check. You can view his myspace over at

Minipop who hail from the Bay Area played a great set of shoe-gazer-esque rock and roll that made me a little upset they didn't have cd's for sale this time. However, when their album is released in stores this fall, I will be purchasing one no questions asked.

The Fold really impressed me. Their new drummer was actually a perfect fit. The two times I've seen them now, they have had a different drummer, but this one not only seemed to get into the show, he got others into it. A girl next to me said "Woah, he's like, really good." Yeah....
Through out the night Dan was making jokes and references to their signing and acoustic performance over at Barnes & Noble earlier in the day. All in all the day went great and I'm kicking myself for not buying this tote bag:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warped Tour Coverage 2007 ... Wasabi Style!

So an some of you may know, we just started this blog about 5 days ago. We have already recieved over 15,000 hits. It's just that crazy! Thanks guys!

In other news, I went to the Warped Tour this past Thursday and let me tell you, it was a crazy good time. Matt and I got there late and we missed Chiodos, or technically, I missed Chiodos. A little bummed yes, so we headed over to the Press area so I could get the line-up and see who would be available that day for interviews. Pretty much everyone, however I was losing my voice and Matt wasn't sure what questions to ask because me being me, I like to wing it in interviews and see where it goes, and I didn't have anything written down on paper.

So I saw Coheed and Cambria who by the way, are not my cup of tea when it comes to music. However, they are always an amazing show no matter which way you look at it/them. Playing in the heat with over a couple pounds of hair on your head is a huge feat and Claudio pulled it off. I have a confession to make. Back in 2002 friends of mine theSTART went on tour with Coheed, Thrice and Hot Water Music. A friend and I decided we'd catch a string of their shows and help with Merch on the East Coast. Aimee of theSTART introduced us to Claudio, and for some reason, due to his fluffy hair, he was nicknamed "Broccoli" and from then on we called him that. Although that may sound mean, it was an endearing name of affection from my friend. I think she secretly had a crush on him haha. I had a chance to speak with Claudio at the Mountain View Warped date and gush over how I thought it was great that C+C had a chance to actually make it big, seeing them come up from playing clubs like Birch Hill in NJ (which no longer exists R.I.P.) to the Trocadero in Philly to Headlining on Warped and so much more, it's just crazy and exciting to see.

Matt was excited that we had the chance to see Tiger Army which Matt was lucky enough to be on stage for, seeing as they're one of his favorite bands. I personally had only seen them once before, at Warped Tour in Mountain View on July 1st. [see photos to the right] And I must admit, seeing them again made me feel a bit nostalgic. Somehow they reminded me of all the summers I wished were winter. Their set was energetic and Nick 13 had a way of making his voice blend so well with the music that it was almost as if he were playing two instruments, as cheesey as that sounds.
They'll be coming back to Nor Cal playing Chico on Nov. 2nd with Said Radio (all you Nerve Agents fans out there, you better be at that show!).

I wandered around a bit and ended up losing Matt and his friend Michelle who he met up with. Found them watching Black President who totally blew me away and somewhat reminded me of Bullets and Octane who I love. The raw vocals and killer guitar riffs made me forget I was at Warped Tour baking in the sun. Seriously.

Somewhere along the lines I saw Hawthorne Heights who for some reason had a lot of crowdsurfers. They played all their radio hits, and oddly, I found myself singing along to NikkiFM and also taking the most photos of this band over the other bands I photographed that day. I had photographed them previously at Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour back in March of 2006 and let me tell you, these guys have gotten way better with their live gig. I believe I also saw them on Warped Tour in 2005, my memory is a little foggy on that.

However, they put on a great set. Backstage a girl was trying to throw herself at their singer and he was like "I'm sorry, I have a significant other" or something along those lines, looking quite scared. It's refreshing to see that people still have morals this day and age.

Later on in the day I got to interview The Fold and harrass Dan, their singer, about Stockton and Barnes and Noble:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

As many of you know the Stockton music scene has been steadily growing and larger acts like The Click Five, Eric Burdon and the Animals, and Chris Brown have all graced us with their appearance thanks to the kind folks ove at Jam Factory Concerts. More than noteworthy are Morrissey and Social Distortion who have also come through recently and The Black Water Cafe brings you some local punk from some of our own hometown party crashers in the newest addition to the local line up of bands who actually have talent, The Black Noise. If you can't read the flyer on the right, the show is August 24th (Tomorrow!) 8PM at The Black Water Cafe. I think they're going on first so make sure you get there in enough time to check them out.

So onto one more thing before I head out to brave the heat in Marysville.
I decided to add some footage here from a show at The Empire with This Providence because over on my buzznet account it will only let readers view it they have a buzznet account. This Providence are going out on tour this fall with Paramore in the U.K. and almost all the dates are sold out. Crazy good thing for them!

See you all at Warped Tour today, and if you're not going because you have school, Warped Tour has a special going on for the Kids of the area! Buy your ticket after 4PM today and it's only $20! That's right, only 20bux after 4PM to go to Warped Tou as long as it's after you get outta class at 4PM! Have fun and make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I have to mention a new release that I didn't even know about.

Dexter. The first season from Showtimes creepy hit. At work yesterday I had no idea what it was about, however the artwork for the packaging made for the most random impulse buy I've ever had at $39.99. Well worth it though. I'm on the 4th episode now and can't wait to watch more.

The story line is interesting, as is the fact that Dexter was original a book. With the dvd comes two chapters of the latest in the series. Just pop the dvd into your computer and read away. I think I have just been suckered into something just as I was when The Pretender came out. And both lead characters are quite hot if I do say so myself. Moving along.

Tomorrow is Warped Tour in Sacramento! Tiger Army, The Fold, Chiodos, Bad Religion, and many others on the list of bands to watch. Be on the look out for photos and video to come in the next few days.

Speaking of the Fold.... They will be doing a signing in Barnes & Noble Stockton on August 28th at 4pm so come out and visit!

Who has heard the new track by She Wants Revenge? If you are one of the few who have yet to take a listen, go here and check them out. The track is not really a depature from their sound, but more of a fine tuned version of Tear You Apart, which is fine by me. If you want to check them out live, they'll be at the Empire in Sacramento on November 13th 2007 in support of their Oct. 9th release This Is Forever out on Perfect Kiss Records.